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Converting Old User-Defined Additional Losses

Last Updated: May 13, 2014 11:45AM MDT

Converting Old User-Defined Additional Losses


The additional loss format change starting with Fathom 6.0 and Arrow 4.0. The old user-defined loss format needs to be converted


Use the Convert Utility. Select Fathom 4.0 and Additional Losses. The file must be modified slightly BEFORE this is done. A title, header and number of loss items needs to be added. Below is an example of what needs to be added. Ingefleu Arrow Fittings [LOSS DATA LIST] Number= 2 1215,Coude r/D=1.5,U,24,0,0,0,0.19,NFA49281 2250,Pap. Vanessa disq. D DN75,U,0,0,0,0,3.01,Tyco


There may need to have some manually editing done to the file. Each loss will be put into its own category with no subcategories. This can be manually edited. Shown below is an example of making one catetory (Pap. Vanessa disq. D) and two subcategories (DN75 and DN100). 1,2250,0,1,Pap. Vanessa disq. D DN75,None,0,0,Pap. Vanessa disq. D DN75,Tyco,1,3.01
1,2251,0,1,Pap. Vanessa disq. D DN100,None,0,0,Pap. Vanessa disq. D DN100,Tyco,1,3.42
1,2250,0,1,Pap. Vanessa disq. D,DN75,0,0,Pap. Vanessa disq. D DN75,Tyco,1,3.01
1,2251,0,1,Pap. Vanessa disq. D,DN100,0,0,Pap. Vanessa disq. D DN100,Tyco,1,3.42

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